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Get full control of your furniture logistics

– with a transparent and optimised supply chain

Get full control of your furniture logistics

– with a transparent and optimised supply chain

Would you like to measure your logistics process all the way from the time of order to the delivery in store?

Then you should talk to us! We will set up control routines from the time you order the item from the factory and all the way until the goods are delivered to the store. 

Why take control over the whole process?

Distribution of goods such as furniture, windows, doors etc. is a demanding process through many stages and many follow-up points, often across several national borders. A condolution and cross-docking solution often means fewer handling, predictability in the deliveries and a good overview of damages and delays.
With a transparent logistics process, where the first "scanning" / registration takes place when ordering at your factory, as well as a set scanning and reporting system, the control becomes a completely different.


How to take control over the whole process?

  • Identify all actors
  • Create all scanning points
  • Integration with all suppliers – an EDI system
  • All actors receive their reports on their delivery with a clear overview of their area of responsibility
  • Possibility of setting up reporting for daily fines to suppliers for missing or delayed deliveries
  • Effective cross docking setups in heavy production areas
  • Fixed transport lines
  • Smart transport solutions on the road or sea
  • One supplier from collection at factory to deliver to store


Benefits of a transparent logistics setup:

Visibility and control

Electronical tracking

Streamlining logistics

Effective routines

Streamlining administrative routines

Lower costs

Ongoing quality control on


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