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- damages and missing goods

We're sorry - something went wrong along the way.

How do we work?

Are there requirements for how to claim?

Who should make the claim?

What to do if an incident occurs:

The claim has been sent to ColliCare - what happens now?

Which deadlines apply?

​About claimed goods

When are missing goods considered lost?


Force majeure

What happens in cases of theft?

What it the recipients responsibility?

What is considered a hidden damage?

Damage or missing goods to be reported

Shipment number or colli number
Value of claim
Weight of goods
Short description
Documents, photos or commercial invoice showing the value of the goods
Other documents
Other documents

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Solveiga Seredė
Managing Director Lithuania
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Useful links:

CMR convention (lithuanian language)

Customs departament

Ministry of Transport and Communication

Measurement units conversion

Currency converter




World time

Do you need to contacts us regarding a claim?
Send email to;

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