Mums nuolat reikia darbščių rankų ir išmintingai mąstančių protų papildyti mūsų komandą įvairiose srityse.


Darbo pozicijos

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Warehouse employees

You are responsible for collecting goods at the dock and moving goods using an electric pallet truck and/or forklift. 

You also take care of preparing and checking goods for shipment and loading and unloading the truck.

You also perform general cross-dock / (transhipment) and warehouse activities.

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Customs officers

You know the importance of a smooth border crossing, preparing documents needed for the shipment, and customs taxes of the imported or exported goods.

You know there are different regulations for almost all country borders and are able to seek knowledge and handle the different regulations.

Good customs handling is important for the supply chain and helps for instance a driver with low language skills in addition it's highly appreciated and good customer service.


As a driver you actually meet our customers, you might be the point of truth representing ColliCare at the final destination.

You are a responsible person distributing goods, loading or unloading at customers – bringing the goods in a perfect shape to our customers.

You will get varied tasks, a good work environment, orderly working conditions as well as proper training.

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Driving managers

As a driving manager, you are in charge of daily vehicle operations, to distribute assignments continuously due to plans for driving and unloading times per delivery.

You will be assigned to regular routes and customers.

You will be responsible for equipment (damage control and repairs).

You will communicate with drivers, via computer, PDA, and phone.

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Freight forwarders

As a freight forwarder you are responsible for organizing shipments to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer, or final point of distribution.

Forwarders contracts with multiple carriers to move the goods from one country to another and assure a smooth supply chain.

A freight forwarder uses shipping methods like:

  • Road transport

  • Sea freight

  • Air freight

  • Rail freight

You need to have the full overview to set up the best multimodal routes for the customer.

Freight coordinators

As a freight coordinator, you administrate and support transportation, shipping, and logistics.

You will track shipping product information to keep supply chain shipments on schedule by helping with inventory, pickups, phone calls, and more.

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IT consultants

As an IT consultant, you will work with our digital development.

You will assist with the maintenance and development of our applications/operations system, in particular with a focus on our domestic transport system and support systems around this area

You will optimise processes and utilisation of systems.

You will both manage and be a project resource on everything from small, basic projects/tasks to larger projects.

You will cooperate with/follow-up of our system suppliers – specify and follow up development, ensure required functionality.

You will support and coordinate system operation along with superusers, set up new customer requirements in processes and systems.

You will assist operations with securing and optimising the value chain and EDI/communication between internal/external parties, be active in identifying new and better solutions.      

Here you find more information about being an IT consultnt in ColliCare

Marketing coordinator

As a marketing coordinator you will be involved in coordinating different activities and initiatives for a  specific country or service.

You will mainly work b2b and handle activities from physocal events to digital campaigns.

  • events

  • print and presentations

  • CRM

  • CMS - web

  • content

  • SEO

  • SEM

  • SoMe

  • branding

  • internal information

  • analycis

Sales Executive

As a salesman in ColliCare, you will play an active role in the commercial development of the company and contribute to innovative ideas for the development of Collicare Logistics.

You will be working with new and existing company customers and performing new client searches.

You will be a part of the sales team in the ColliCare group, participating in sales processes in ColliCare countries.

You will take part in the development of company services and products.

You will hold presentations on the company's services.

We think you have some experience and knowledge of European transport solutions/multimodal. You are proactive always looking for solutions and hold good communication skills.

Financial officer

As a Financial officer, you will make sure that all administrative processes run smoothly.

You will book bank statements, be co-responsible for outgoing invoicing, and have an active role in debtor management.

You will maintain various administrative data and systems, and perform registration of questions and discrepancies.

You will assist in other ad-hoc financial activities.

We assume you have both high-level education and relevant experience, as well as curious, hands-on, and always looking for solutions.

HR consultant

As an HR consultant, you will ensure the human capital serves in of best interests of the company and advise on a number of issues involving a company's workforce.

You will administrate recruitment, hiring, background and reference checks, payroll administration, benefits and compensation planning, health and safety, and legal compliance. 


ColliCare departamentai

Esame tarptautiniai logistikos paslaugų teikėjai. Nuolat ieškome darbuotojų į šiuos departamentus:

  • transporto operacijų departamentuose su

    • oro transportu

    • jūrų transportu

    • gabenimu geležinkeliais

    • sausumos transportu

    • multimodaliniu gabenimu

    • terminalais ir sandėliavimu

  • muitinėje

  • klientų aptarnavime

  • marketinge ir pardavimuose

  • HR

  • buhalterijoje


Kristine jau 3 metus studijuoja logistikos jūra vadybą NTNU universitete, Alesunde. Tuo pat metu ji - ColliCare Logistics praktikantė dirbanti krovinius jūra administruojančioje komandoje.

Kristine apie praktika ColliCare sako, kad tai itin ugdantis ir įdomus semestras. Mergina yra atsakinga už dalį logistinių operacijų, tuo pačiu ji turi laiko rašyti baigiamąjį darbą apie autonominius laivus.

Kristine Kjellsen Trainee - Oversea