Norėtumėte būti atsakingu už skaitmenizacijos plėtrą, naujų galimybių kūrimą, esamų procesų gerinimą?

Tapkite naujuoju mūsų IT konsultantu!

Būdami naujuoju IT konsulantu įmonėje būsite atsakingu už skaitmenizacijos plėtra

  • You will assist with the maintenance and development of our applications/operations system, particularly focusing on our domestic transport system and support systems around this topic
  • You will optimise processes and utilisation of systems
  • You will both manage and be a project resource on everything from small, basic projects/tasks to larger projects
  • You will cooperate with/follow-up of our system suppliers – specify and follow up development, ensure required functionality
  • You will support and coordinate system operation along with superusers, set up new customer requirements in processes and systems
  • You will assist operations with securing and optimising the value chain and EDI/communication between internal/external parties, be active in identifying new and better solutions
Skaitmenizacijos plėtra - kritiškai svarbi logistikos ateičiai.