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Sea freight. Environmentally friendly and predictable freight from Europe?

We are now able to offer even smarter solutions for both rail and sea freight from most parts of Europe to Norway! Traditionally goods would be moved by road to Norway.

Our rail network is particularly strong from South, East and Central Europe to Northern Germany and the Netherlands. Rail combined with sea freight to Norway is both environmentally friendly, cost efficient and at with competitive transit times!

By combining rail and sea freight, we offer less reloading stops, set schedules and predictable arrivals.
We can pick up and deliver the container at the destination port for door – door delivery.

Your goods will arrive in Oslo in just 2 days from Lübeck in Germany.

Lübeck is a natural transport hub for goods to and from Europe. The traditional road transport is facing a strong competition with these new opportunities via rail and sea!
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Advantages by choosing sea freight:
•    Less reloading places
•    Lower freight costs in general
•    Less MAUT/road tax
•    Less danger of damaged goods
•    Reliable arrivals and departures due to rail and containership schedules
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Sustainability, Co2 lower reduction
•    Norwegians ports: Oslo, Moss, Kristiansand
•    At least as fast transit time!

What do you need?
•    Full Container Load (FCL)
•    Less than Container Load (LCL)
•    Consolidation, groupage
•    Full control of the logistics, from ordering to delivery
•    Cross Docking
•    Door – Door, trucking

ColliCare wish to contribute to save the environment, and are therefore choosing to focus on rail and sea services between the Baltics, Europe and Norway. This enables you as a customer to choose the greener means of transport

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Operations Manager
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Cross docking
Cross docking
With Cross docking from ColliCare you save money while reducing your company’s environmental footprint.
Your co-worker in Baltics
Your co-worker in Baltics
ColliCare can be “your partner” and ensure quality assurance of production, deliveries and transport in the Baltics