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Do you need terminal or warehouse services in the Baltics?

We are located at Kaunas in Lithuania and can offer you a whole range of terminal and warehouse services.


We have 4000m2 terminal capacity and can handle large volumes of goods. We help you with collecting goods in the Baltics and shipping them onwards to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Third Party Logistics (3PL):

If you need to store goods for a period we can arrange warehouse space for you in Kaunas.


CrossDocking is about organizing logistics more efficiently and avoiding costly intermediate storage. This is how we do it; 
  • we receive goods from your suppliers, with various goods flows, into our warehouse
  • we repack, consolidate, label and scan them
  • when the goods leave our Kaunas terminal they are packed so that they can go directly to the final recipient
Cost saving, easy and effective for you, and simple and clear for your customer!

We take good care of your goods, and place emphasis on

  • Customer service, with dedicated team leaders for each customer
  • Documented receiving and quality control
  • Scanning of all incoming goods
  • Registration of the goods in our WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Scanning of all outgoing orders

The environment is important to us, and here are some of our initiatives

  • Waste is sorted according to recycling objectives
  • New trucks with environmentally friendly batteries
  • Business premises of high standards


Warehouse management system

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Tomas Dovgialo
Operations Manager
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Your own customized warehouse solution?

We love to customize agreements, and look forward to your challenge!

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+370 613 33 178

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Vendor Management
ColliCare Lithuania helps you following up suppliers and shipments in your own ERP system!