Finding reputable suppliers and following up on production can be challenging in itself, in addition there are modern demands for compliance with social responsibility and ethical trading guidelines.

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We have a local presence in the Baltics and dedicated employees who can be "your partners" and take responsibility for quality assurance for your company. 

As your partner in the Baltics we can

  • follow up your suppliers and ensure they follow your company's requirements for standards

  • production is monitored continuously to ensure delivery times are met

  • the finished product is carefully checked following checklists prepared by your company

  • packing and packaging are quality assured before the goods are shipped

  • quality assurance by scanning for online traceability - each package is scanned

  • detailed inspection reports and photographs are sent  from "your partner in Asia"

  • full control over logistics from order to delivery with eCare, a simple web-based tool

  • result: The goods will arrive at your warehouse or at your customer at the right time and with the right quality! 

What else do you need in Baltics?

  • warehousing

  • cross-dock

  • consolidation/combined loads

  • pick and pack

  • labeling

  • alerting

  • pricing

  • IT integration

  • export/Import services 

Solveiga Seredė

Solveiga Seredė

Managing Director Lithuania