We take to the seas, and ensure that your goods are shipped throughout Europe. You get access to a large network including offices in the Netherlands and the Baltics, in addition to departments in all Scandinavian countries.

Pricing and booking

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ColliCare provides shipments for

  • Full Container Load (FCL)

  • Less than Container Load (LCL)

  • consolidation, combined loads

  • complete control of logistics – from order to delivery with eCare

  • cross Docking


We offer you

  • individual customer solutions

  • flexibility, reliability, and neutrality

  • a high service level

  • punctuality

  • consolidation, combined loads

  • combined freight

  • greener transport (sea transport cuts CO2 emissions)

  • secure and safe transport

  • handling of customs-related documents

  • eCare – our web-based track&trace system, which gives you a complete overview of all consignments and documents

Order via email, edi or web, and each shipment is electronically traceable by the use of PDAs and a web-based track&trace system.

You book via e-mail, EDI or the web,  and every item can be traced by the use of PDA and web-based track & trace-system.

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Tomas Dovgialo

Tomas Dovgialo

Sales & Development