International transport


International transportation to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and all across Europe. Efficient export and import solutions for any type of cargo tailored for you.

ColliCare provides transportation for all types of cargo:

  • FTL

  • LTL

  • ADR

  • furniture

  • oversized cargo

  • temperature-controlled shipments

  • containers

Our extensive experience and qualified transport managers forward cargo to/from European and Asian countries daily. Team of professional freight forwarders provides international road transportation services: road freight forwarding, cargo delivery, cargo pick up, cargo trucking, shipment transportation, and other services in Europe and Asia.

ColliCare ensures only the highest quality road freight services. We have our own freight forwarding departments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Italy, Turkey and the Baltics, and a large partner network throughout Europe. ColliCare offers nationwide distribution across all the Scandinavian countries and Europe.


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